quotidian artworks

Pretty damn close : )   

And hey, if anyone out there wants to sneak a peek at some illustrations with really dynamic linework then go check out this Art blog

Anonymous asked: Man I'd really like to see you in good spirits. You're a great guy who posts funny shit, and quite frankly, you're in a damn lot better shape than I am. I know that just saying not to be so hard on yourself isn't exactly going to do the trick, because I know how having shitty self esteem/self image goes, but I fucking wish it did. You're a really cool guy, and I wish there was an easy way out there to lift your spirits.

Messages like these really help - thank you for taking the time to reach out to me.  The world needs more kind Anons like you   

Anonymous asked: How do i become more like you? i love drawing or at least i tell myself that, and still i lack the self-discipline to make all those studies i know i gotta do, i really wanna improve and i always find myself dragging me down when doing so

Firstly, I would set my sights WAY HIGHER than trying to be like some basically unknown bumfuk internet fanartist.  As for disciplined studies, realize that willpower is a finite source that will eventually be exhausted.   You can only FORCE yourself for so long, and it will end up showing in your work. Try using any/every thought trick you can to get yourself open to the idea of drawing - ANYTHING.  Marinate yourself in work that you admire - copy it.  Make shitty drawings.  Make a TON of shitty drawings.  You don’t have to show anyone - this is just for YOU.  Draw fanart of what you like, draw porn if you must.  Read books about art technique, and sometimes, don’t make art at all.  Just like fitness - you can’t go 100% all the time or you’ll end up burning out and stalling.  Try to relax into it, and don’t sweat the technique until you WANT to.  

Hope that helps…

Anonymous asked: What is your honest opinion on SS? Did you start w/ it? I've been at it for a long time and while there have been some noobgains I feel like I could be doing something better.

SS was the first serious and informed lifting program I had ever embarked on, and it worked like a charm.   The book is an authority on the correct execution and programming of the big compound lifts, and I would call it an absolute must-have for your brain-gym.  The diet advice is pretty suspect, though.  I didn’t quite make it to drinking a gallon of whole milk a day, but I was still on a college meal plan so getting dem calories was easy (I think I ended up getting pudgier though)

Anonymous asked: Didn't you used to do a lot of /co/ related stuff, or am I mistaking you for someone else?

Maybe?  I filled a few requests on the general board, but I mostly stuck to the Adventure Time Drawthreads.

Anonymous asked: Did you ever go through the horrifying anime phase? Or are you just strictly /co/

Yeah I went through an anime phase, though I’ve since diluted it with other interests.  While I was mostly spoon fed via Toonami, video games and internet fandoms were another guilty pleasure.  I remember having a level 100 man-crush on Sephiroth.  I thought that was the fucking epitome of badassery.  He was part of the reason I let my hair grow down to my butt in my youth (also to further align myself with my musical tastes).  

docproto asked: If you're plateuing or unsatisfied with your gains, why don't you change your routine?

I’ve been trying to - I’m trying to come up with a sort of not-routine of walking into the gym and doing whatever “feels right.”  The meat and potatoes would still be compound movements, but just broken up into some kind of split with assistance exercises either at the end or on “off” days before cardio.  

Anonymous asked: what is your greatest strength and what is your greatest weakness

Hmmm.  Tough call for the first one… my humor?  If you can call it that.  As for my weakness?  My dependence on external sources for my self-esteem.  That or a lack of self-discipline.  

Anonymous asked: I've been going to the gym for about 6 months now and things are going okay, but I still have a beer belly sorta thing. Any tips on getting rid of that? Any exercises you know of that work?

I don’t think I’m any authority on giving such tips, especially with a case as vague as this.  There’s the obvious “less calories, more cardio” , which should get you most of the way there.  There are some other tricks and things to consider though, such as the tilt of your pelvis, the strength and conditioning of your deep abdominals, overall posture, fasted cardio in the mornings, avoiding inflammatory foods,  better hydration, etc.  

Anonymous asked: Are you in the Atlanta area?

I’d prefer my current location to remain a mystery.  It’s more fun that way, don’t you think?