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Hopefully never, Anon.  

My comics are too funny for you, Anonymous.  You’re going to need to find someone who sells weaker comics!


Hello all you new people. This is Shay Massey. She is a lovely person and you will never stop thinking about her now that you’ve seen her.

Experiment time. Let’s see how loyal my minions are. I want this post to break 100k by, let’s say, the end of October. Share, minions, share the word of fit goddesses. 

Whoever wins, my restraint to masturbate loses.


I’m opening up commissions now. I’ll pretty much draw anything (Exceptions may apply, depending on if we’re going into hardcore fetish territories.) Just email me at or note me on tumblr. 

The process goes as follows

  1. Confirmation that i’ll draw it
  2. Half the payment upfront
  3. A very rough sketch will be given until satisfied
  4. I’ll complete it and give you a small preview
  5. Rest of the payment needed
  6. Full picture is sent to commissioner

Paypal is

Please be sure to select No Address Needed under You’ll Pay

YO Vanilly is a friend of mine with mad skillz from way back in the halcyon days of the Adventure Time Drawthreads.  You should pay this sexy bish to draw you some sexy bishes. 

(via admiralantagonist)

I couldn’t think of a way to draw this, so here’s a transparent PNG of the overlay I used to point out my 1,111 followers milestone.  Use it to direct attention to only the most stupendous examples of repeating integers that you can find.


—The Dork Knight Rises

I will not apologize for my shitty bane impression, but maybe a bit for continuing to regurgitate old jokes.  

Fucking potion seller…

Fucking potion seller…

Anonymous asked: Fucking ugly cunt. Kill yourself👌



Another brilliant usage of a SIR original - I guess I just draw to the human soul

You’ve changed us all, /fit/.  

You’ve changed us all, /fit/.